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Half of Who I Am

If you read part 1 of my testimony, that was just an intro of God's goodness. Not for nothing; God shows off in this next half. So recap I had Lupus at 11yrs old; God came through and healed me. Now this part of my testimony is where most of you will relate to.

After God healing me at 12 years of age, I continued my walk with God. Although I was baptized at 11, I was still a child & my thoughts/knowledge of God wasn't fully there; however, I never missed a day in God's house. And as years passed by I had dilemmas with my mom. We would always argue about the little things only because she never gave me freedom. I felt separated from the world, and I just didn't understand why my mom kept me in a box.

Seeing how everyone my age (17) was able to chill, party and "have fun" freely, it truly bothered me because all my life I grew up in a holy circle. My junior year in High school was the biggest transition in my life because I WANTED TO EXPERIMENT.

::Keep in mind; when I said everyone has a past!!!::

So I'm 17 and at this point I could not stand my mother’s rules and regulations over me anymore. So I started to rebel on the low. In March 09 I wanted to see what was so cool about weed; so I tried it, twice. I thought it was pretty "cool". But that’s exactly what the devil wanted me to think.

One thing I am grateful for is that God was able to help me remain pure throughout my 4 years in high school; because school was my priority, not guys. Besides I was never really "appealing" until after senior year.

Anyways, the juicy part starts NOW:

At the end of my Senior year/summer, I began to pull away from my mom’s rules & away from God's house. I would chill late nights and didn't think much of it. I would "sleep over" at my friends house, just to go party. Soon after I start to smoke weed, but even more then I thought I would. I was always the type to just chill with my homies, my niggas, the guys because females were too dramatic and irrelevant to me. So with that being said, I always had free spark ups, and I was down with it. I was never the type to drink so I would always smoke instead.

It’s crazy because little did I know the love of God was fading away. And it was because of MY decisions. 18 going on 19 I was through with being pure so I slipped up and had my first sexual encounter, wasn't my last. So don't sleep on me ya Hurd?

At this point going to Church and seeking God was pointless to me. But as far as my house hold, my moms couldn't put up with my nonsense. I never told her I smoked or came in the house high, but she surely knew, and she knew how to mess up my high as well lol. She would literally lock me out. It got to the point that I got kicked out of the house. I had to move in with my dad, and it just made me even more upset. So I started smoking even heavier then I did. Even though i hated ciggs, for about 2-3weeks i did it, but I stopped because i knew it wasn't me, but I still keep puffing on that Mary Jane.

During my time living at my dads house, I coincidently met this girl that lived in that town. And this was when I started to experiment with a few girls. I never considered myself gay because I didn’t do anything major, but I was def bi-curious.

After living with my dad, I had to move out and then started living with my aunt. That was another transition in my life, I went out more, smoked more and I started to hustle weed for a little bit, then I stopped because I living life in a free fall, and I had to go back to my mom’s so knew it had to come to an end.

On my 19 birthday my aunt said I had to leave back to my moms house, and at this point I was losing it because I lost my job, I was caught up in a lustful relationship and didn't know who to turn to....

So I know this testimony is long but I'm almost done i promise you lol. Any-who I'm back at my moms house, had no job, and I remember her being on vacation for a month in June and I prayed to God, "I need a job ASAP so work your magic."

As soon as she came back, God legit blessed me with my current job. Yet I was still blind to acknowledge him. Soon after I would visit church here and there, but I was still stuck in my sins; drinks here and there, smoking, lusting, cussin, etc.

I remember in December 2010 my church had a annual camp outing in PA. As much I didn't want to go, someone paid for my ticket to go. And there is when I reencountered God's love.

Ok maybe my testimony doesn't end there but lets go through it. I'm a sinner by birth, and currently living by an undeserved death (Jesus). I rebelled, turned away from God, had premarital sex, smoked and sold weed. I drank very little, clubbed, partied, had encounters with females, cussed like a sailor and had issues within my household. I "lived it up" (so i thought). So tell me something I don't know about. I knew God was real, but I didn't know about His promises for me. The only way to learn about the promises He has for you is by reading the Book of life. (Bible).

Ok God still remains good BUT the LAST PART to my testimony is soon to come. Lol yes a part 3.
Remember God is able!

- Charlene Soto
You can find Charlene on Twitter @thebaddest_star

Come back next week for part three of Charlene’s testimony.

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