I currently have two regular guest bloggers, Michelle Rebecca and Shelly Hendricks.  I hope you enjoy their writing as much as I do.

I am always interested in regular and one-time guest posters.  Posts can be either personal testimonies and Bible studies.  If you are interested in sharing, please email me at  Please put "Thoughtful Guest Post" in the subject line so that it will not be overlooked.  In the email, include a short summary of what you would like to write about.

I have very few guidelines, but I do ask for posts to be written with good grammar and spelling.  If you have trouble with that and don't have anyone to edit for you, I am willing to do that.  I know that all people are skilled in different areas, so I don't want to disqualify anyone's guest post for bad spelling, but I don't want the message to get lost in the middle of spelling and grammar mistakes.  I hope that you understand my concern and are willing to work with me in order to have quality writing on this blog.

Bloggers who want to add links and images may do so, usually no more than two or three per post.  Any images or videos must be credited to the owner and must have the owner's permission to use.  

There are no word limits, but keep in mind that today's readers have a tendency to lose interest in long posts.  Consider using headings and short paragraphs to enhance readability and keep readers engaged.

Lastly, readers should realize that my editing hand is mostly restricted to grammar, punctuation, and spelling, so I may or may not agree with all of the statements included in submissions.  If there is any question about where I stand on a certain subject, please ask.

One Response to Submissions

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