G - Garage

 One of my favorite places growing up was Grandpa’s garage.  Really, the garage is more like a workshop.  It is a large, single room structure that probably has as many square feet as the house next to it does.

It only ever houses cars if they are being worked on.  And if you need your car worked on, most things can be done in the garage, with the tools he has amassed over the years.  And it’s not just cars that can benefit from the garage.  Several years ago, he found out that someone’s washing machine had a broken whatchamacallit, and he went out to the garage, looked through the parts and pieces he’s collected over the years, and came back with the needed item.  No trip to the repair shop today!

Garage activities don’t stop for the weather.  In the corner sits an old wood stove used to heat the big room during the winter.  If it gets too hot in the summer, the big doors at the far end can be opened to allow a breeze to come through.

When they are closed, a large, tall box filled with old, unwearable clothes stands in front of the doors.  Across the room hang several bows, and a bundle of arrows stand underneath them.  When there is no work to do in the garage, you can find Grandpa, and usually one or two others, taking aim at that box of clothes. 

“No, the paper circle tacked to the box is not the target.  The little hole inside the circle is the target.”

The garage has been a significant place in my life, simply because of the amount of time spent there.  I’ve watched Grandpa stoke the fire; I’ve handed him this tool and that tool.  I remember the day six or seven different men were staring at my first car wondering what on earth they were going to do to fix my ChryslerThese are Ford and Chevy men, thank you very much.  But they worked it out and got me on the road again!

There are not many specific days I can tell you about being in the garage; for the most part, the place simply holds years’ worth of memories:  days spent tinkering, fixing, and shooting.  I can’t wait to go back!

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