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My first car was an early 1980s model silver Chrysler New Yorker.

The first problem it had was the starter quit and had to be replaced.

Then the windows quit working properly.  If we put the window down, to get it back up we had to remove a panel in the door and press a screwdriver inside and push the window button at the same time.

One summer, it overheated and then a hose burst and spilled coolant in the school parking lot.

Then we had to replace the front axle.  This got repaired in Grandpa’s garage, and several family members and neighbors gave their input on this one.

At the end of its life, it wouldn’t start, and we discovered it had an electrical problem.  After visits to multiple shops, we realized that attempting to fix it was not worth the money it would take. 

And so my first car went to the scrap heap.  I drove it for nearly two years.

 I miss it.

Tell me about your first car.  Was it new?  Used?  How long did you drive it?  Why did you get rid of it?

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