H - "Hold Our Children" by Other Side Real

I was in the choir all through junior high and high school.  In college, I was in the choir for three semesters.

I loved being in choir from the start, but the most memorable moment happened in college.  The choir was told that Other Side Real was recording an album and needed some of us to volunteer to sing on one of the songs.  Realizing that this was likely the only opportunity we would have to do something like this, Ashley and I decided that we had to be involved.

We met five or six other choir members and Kyle, the lead vocalist of Other Side Real, in the choir room and rehearsed one afternoon.  The following Saturday, we all met at a recording studio downtown and recorded our part of the song “Hold Our Children.”

When the CD was complete, I made sure to get a copy.  And every so often, I listen to the song again to remind myself of the time I got to be on an album.

I tried to find a place you could listen to the song online; unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything.  You’ll just have to imagine how amazing it sounded.

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