F - Friendship

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I could say I’ve had a lot of friends over the years, but, as an introvert, probably not nearly as many as some of you.

I’ve had some great friends, and I’ve had some not-so-great friends.  In the same way, I’ve been a great friend, and a not-so-great friend.

I’ve had friendships that were surface level and friendships that went nearly to the bone.

I’ve had friendships that lasted months and years.

I’ve had one friendship that has, so far, lasted ten years.

It is something of a shock to me that Ashley and I have been friends for ten years.  But when I count it up, it’s true.  We met in the spring of 2002.  She married her husband in August 2004.  I married mine in 2006.  She gave birth to twin boys in 2009. And now it's 2012 where we celebrate an anniversary of sorts.  Too bad we can't nail it to the day and celebrate properly.

We’ve walked through a lot of things in ten years, but even today, I am amazed that we even became friends.

We met in college, introduced by a mutual acquaintance.  Neither of us were ones to seek friendships with other girls, both of us holding the opinion that girls are often difficult to be friends with.  But with a last-minute decision to avoid homework, we decided to go to the mall.  We ended up talking about our lives before college while eating ice cream in the food court.

Over time, we grew closer.  We became roommates and spent quite a bit of time together, along with other friends.  At one point, we earned a nickname:  Krashley.

Since Ashley transferred colleges in 2003, returning to her home state of Oklahoma, and then I moved to Texas in 2007, friendship has been different for us, but we still imagine the day we get to live in the same place again, and we laugh about our wish that we will eventually share the same grandchildren.

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2 Responses to F - Friendship

  1. How sweet. I know it's crazy that it has been so long. I truly miss you being close! I was talking about it just the other day to Mark. I do hope we can someday be in the same place for a while. Mark said there are a lot of people up here that need a great counselor! Hint hint. Thanks for being someone that I want to always keep in my life. You truly are my best friend!

    1. I agree! Even if we don't get to live in the same town, something close enough for a day trip would be nice!

      Every time I think of it, I am just amazed that we've stayed close for this long! We just get each other, I think.


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