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This is the second in a series of posts to answer the questions Amanda Socci asked me at Write Nonfiction in November.  If you are a nonfiction writer, make sure you check out the project she is working on, a November writing challenge for nonfiction writers.

What is the purpose of Wednesday Witness?

If you are new around here and haven't been very far back in the archives, Wednesday Witness will probably not sound familiar.

I started the weekly feature with the purpose of allowing other people, including those who do not regularly write in other places, to share their testimonies.  Some shared their conversions.  Others shared stories of how God acted in their lives after they were already believers.

I hoped that Wednesday Witness would add some depth to what "Thoughtful" had to offer readers.  Testimonies have a significant place in the life of the church.  Telling believers and non-believers about what God has done in our lives offers an opportunity for faith and trust to increase.  Knowing what God has done in someone else's life makes it easier to believe that God can do a similar act in your own life.

I shared my own testimony when I started Wednesday Witness, and occasionally I share what's going on in my life through other posts, but I only have so many stories to tell.  But between all of us, we have so many stories that telling a new one each week should be as easy as asking.

Unfortunately, finding people to share was actually pretty difficult after the first several weeks.  I asked people directly; I sent out blanket requests on various social media platforms.  I posted requests on Christian forums, and I listed my blog on guest posting sites.  I did get a fair amount of responses, but not enough to continue saying I had a weekly feature.  So several months ago, I changed my submissions page from a request for testimonies to a more open kind of request, seeking any guest posts that are related to the topics I usually cover.  I will always be glad to share people's testimonies, but the Wednesday Witness feature is closed unless there is an upsurge in people willing and able to share.

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