Why Thoughtful?

Amanda Socci, at Write Nonfiction in November, featured me, along with several other bloggers, asking each of us to participate in a writing prompt and answer a handful of questions she had about us and our blogs.  If you are a nonfiction writer, please check out her site and learn about National Nonfiction Writing Month, a November writing challenge for nonfiction writers.  Make sure to tell her that Kirra sent you!

I will be answering Amanda's questions in a series of posts that will be published over the next several days.

Amanda's first question for me is related to the name of my blog:  Thoughtful.  She asked me what makes the blog thoughtful.

I think one of the hardest things about writing, sometimes harder than actually writing, is coming up with titles.

Especially when it comes to blogging, a title must capture interest but not be so ambiguous that search engines and prospective readers don't know what the post is going to be about.  I suppose that for the title of my blog, I failed on not being ambiguous, but hopefully it catches some degree of interest when someone comes across it in the blogosphere.

Either way, I chose the name Thoughtful because it was my hope to cover a multitude of topics under the large umbrella I am interested in.  I wanted to do light-hearted devotions, and I wanted to present serious questions and ideas.  I wanted to offer my opinions on various books, hoping to pique your interest in the best ones, both for your enjoyment as well as in support of the various authors represented.

I also hoped to give you a place to respond and react with myself and other readers.  Those of you who blog are aware of how difficult it can be to get people to engage, but you also know how great it is when the conversation begins to move forward with the input of several people.

All in all, I wanted to create a little piece of the internet where I could think about those issues and ideas that interest me and allow those who share the same interests to ponder alongside me.

I hope that, to some degree, I have achieved that, and as time goes on, the blog will become even more "thoughtful."

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