Letters from a Skeptic

Letters from a Skepticwas written by Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd.  The book is a series of letters between Gregory and his father Edward. 

In the preface of the book, Gregory stated, "It is my prayer that this correspondence between my father and me can be useful not only as a source of hope, but also as a resource of information for believers in similar situations."  He pointed out that "the questions my father raised are the questions and objections nonbelievers most frequently have concerning Christianity." 

The letters were not originally intended to be made into a book, but as the letter-writing progressed, Edward raised question after question that addressed many issues of the Christian faith.  As Gregory answered each of those questions, he began to consider the possibility of publishing the letters.  Once Edward came to Christ, the possibility became real. 

The book is open and authentic.  I was surprised over and over again as Edward raised topics that have been debated repeatedly by Christians and skeptics over the years.  It was obvious that he had spent significant time considering his questions.

I did not always agree with the answers that Gregory gave to Edward.  Sometimes I felt like Gregory's arguments were a little weak, but the weaker arguments were standing next to other very good arguments.  In spite of the things I didn't like in this book, there was a lot I did like.  The questions and answers were written clearly and the letters were well organized.  Even though the topics were theological and philosophical, the reading was generally easy.  I think the average person could read this book and learn from it.

If you or someone you know is questioning Christianity, this book will be a great resource.

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2 Responses to Letters from a Skeptic

  1. Interesting concept for a book. Thank you for reviewing it.

  2. If you decide to read it, let me know what you think. Thank you for coming by!


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