Deliver Us From Evil (book review)

Deliver Us from Evil by Don Basham was an interesting book about a Christian man's journey from believing that the devil and demons did not exist and had never existed to recognizing the influence of them in our world.  The tag line of the book is "A Pastor's Reluctant Encounters with the Powers of Darkness."  It is really an apt description.

At the beginning of this story, Mr. Basham was a minister at a church that was in the midst of revival.  They had regular prayer meetings.  People were being healed, and miracles were happening.

But he, and many or all of the church members did not believe that the demonic had any influence in the lives of people.  They didn't even believe they existed.  Demons were just an old, archaic way of explaining the sinful nature of man.

Mr. Basham soon found himself in multiple situations where the demonic was evident, but he still didn't want to admit this was real.  He decided to conduct an experiment where he chose to assume they did exist and see what happened.  Before long, he was convinced, both by his Bible study, conversations with other Christians, and his experiences.

The book tells about many of his experiences with the demonic, but I think one of the most useful parts of this book is his notes.  Throughout the story he will explain how he processed his thoughts and experiences.  Often, he made lists and notes which he included in his book.  Seeing how he came to believe these things is beneficial for those who are already convinced and those who are not.

Because this book begins with a person who is at stage even earlier than the skeptic, this book is useful for those who are curious or who have had experiences they can't explain but doubt that demons exist.  It is also useful for the one who is already convinced but wants to learn more.

If you want to read this book, it is available on Amazon as a paperback.  If you decide to read it, I hope that you'll use my affiliate link above or here to order.  Your ordering experience will not change, nor will your price, but Amazon will compensate me in a small way for introducing you to this book.

I recieved a complimentary copy of this book from Chosen in exchange for my review.

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