Worship can take place anywhere. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

Before I went to college, worship usually took place at church.  In summer it took place at church camp, and occasionally it took place in my bedroom.

Once I started college, I realized that it can take place on a set of stairs under a cloudy sky only hours after a tornado ripped through a town.  It can take place in a car.  It can take place in a classroom before a lecture begins.  It can take place during a lecture!  (How can you not feel worshipful learning about the beauty of God's plan for the world?) It can take place at 10 pm on a porch with two people or twenty-five people.  It can take place at 6 am next to a waterfall.  It can take place in choir rehearsal.  It can take place next to a quiet creek or in a loud auditorium.

Worship is not meant to be in one place.  It is meant to be everywhere.

What is your most memorable moment of worship?

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