Value is subjective. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

I LOVED my time in college.  I knew it was expensive, and I knew that a job related to my major was not likely to come with a large paycheck.  I knew I was going to have a couple loans (which I finished paying off last month!).

I would never say, though, that my college degree was not worth it.  I chose the major that I found most interesting, and I never regretted it.  To this point, it hasn't given me a lucrative career, but I learned more about the Bible than I ever thought I would, probably more than I ever would have just attending church a couple times a week.  It gave me solid friends.  It gave me my husband.  It gave me a foundation that I've built my life on since then.

Last year, an article was published online saying that Ozark Christian College had a terrible return on investment, that graduates on average would not earn as much money as they spent to earn their degree.  But value is subjective.

I would love to hear your opinion of what makes a college education worthwhile.  Leave a comment below, and after you're done I suggest you check out the article written by Lance Schaubert in response to the article.  Make sure you read a few of the comments as well.

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2 Responses to Value is subjective. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

  1. A big amen and amen to this, Kirra! Love your blog so much, and the way you stand for the truth and common sense. <3 Heart Hugs


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