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I am currently reading a book by John MacArthur called The Truth About the Lordship of Christ.I don't agree with everything he has to say, but I find myself convicted about the degree I keep Him in His proper place in my life.

In the book, MacArthur states that real discipleship is "to be so utterly consumed with the cause that you have have no thought for your own life" (page 38).

That statement makes me a little sick to my stomach with the reminder that I fail at that every day.

And a comment like that usually brings out the people who say things like, "at least you're trying," or "no one is perfect."

But the thing is, it's not a bell curve.  My commitment to living out the gospel and furthering the kingdom is not rated as it compares to the people around me.  My commitment to the gospel is between Him and me.

And yes, I know that the gospel is not about the things that we do but our actions should be an outgrowth of our encounters with God and evidence of our daily relationship with Him.

When I am more committed to my Tuesday night TV show than stepping out in obedience to God, I have a problem.

When I am more committed to keeping up with my Facebook newsfeed than opening up my time to what He wants me to do, I have a problem.

When my plan for my life is to keep the status quo I have set for myself rather than moving in faith in what God has set up for me, I have a problem.

What does a life committed to furthering the kingdom look like?  What can you do today to come closer to that goal?

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