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This week I have three more links to share with you.  Two of them are Christmas related.  I hope you don't mind, since the stores have already finished with Christmas and set up for Valentine's Day!

My first link is from Keith Giles and is about celebrating Christmas by giving.  He points out that almost everyone is in a position to help someone else.

My second link is from A Miniature Clay Pot and she explains several reasons why you might think she doesn't "do" Santa, and then she explains the one reason why her children don't believe in Santa.

My third link is from The Wittenberg Door and is an explanation of what God is up to in the midst of suffering.  It is an interesting look, so I hope you'll check it out.

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2 Responses to My Favorite Links

  1. I love Keith Giles and The Wittenberg Door. Haven't heard of the Miniature Clay Pot, but I have now! Thanks.

    Also, thanks for alerting me to your blog through a comment on mine. I have now added you to my "watch and read" list!

  2. Jeremy, I'm glad you came by! I hope you'll find A Miniature Clay Pot interesting. I found her when her post about the Colorado theater shooting went viral. She was in the theater with her children. That being said, she doesn't make it the whole focus of her blog but mentions it when relevant.


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