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I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  I'm excited to share with you my favorite links for this week, and I hope you will take the time to read and share them.

My first link is from Donna at Full Measure of Joy.  Donna wrote about how she spent a lot of time cooking and hosting events over Thanksgiving.  She was finding herself feeling a little like Martha might have in the Bible.  Thinking about this, she realized how much she missed out on being in the kitchen rather than spending time with the guests.  Jesus was definitely on to something. This turned into an interesting perspective on the story of Mary and Martha,  so I hope you check it out.
I've been reading Donna's blog for over a year now, and she shares something every day, so if you like this one, you should definitely subscribe to her blog.

My second link is from John Byron, on an issue that gets under my skin this time of year.  It probably does yours, too.  Xmas.  I hope you'll read this one because many people do not realize that the abbreviation Xmas is not the negative thing we sometimes make it out to be.

That being said, it is sometimes difficult to keep our focus on Jesus in the middle of Christmas parties, presents, and Santa, so my third link for you is one from Lindsey Bell about her struggles to do just that and her goal to do a better job of it this year. 

I really hope you'll stop by each of these and let them know I sent you.  And then make sure you share this post on your social media profiles. People reading and sharing is what makes blogging work!

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in your list of favorite posts! I'm honored:)


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