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Another week is gone, and I'm back again with my favorite links of the week!  I hope that you were able to read at least one of the articles that I shared last week.

This week, my first link is from Keith Giles.  This article is a great reminder that the gospel is not about whether we are good enough because none of us are good enough.  I realize this is something you're used to hearing in the church, but I think we tend to not live like it. Make sure you read this post for a refresher.

My second link is from Brant Hansen, a dj on the Christian radio station Air1.  I've always liked to listen to him on the radio, so I was curious what he had to say on his blog.  This link is answering a question that was submitted to him.  A woman told him that she was having trouble with her relationship with God and that it felt like prayer was pointless.  He has a great answer for her, so I hope that you'll go read it.

My third link is from a blogger who struggles with depression.  She explained how she wondered (loudly) where God was during her depression and why He wasn't helping her through it.  The answer she received reminded her that she is being cared for, but in a battle, sometimes we take hits.  This is a great read for anyone who struggles with something (all of us?).

I hope you'll read these and share them, either individually or by sharing this post.

Have a great weekend!

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