Enormous or Enormously Effective?

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One semester in college, we had just studied or were about to study John 13, where Jesus washed the feet of His disciples.  We walked into to classroom to find that all of the chairs had been pushed to the sides of the room, leaving us to sit on the floor.

The professor came in to the room with a bowl and a towel and proceeded to wash the feet of several of my classmates, praying for them and speaking over them.

I wish I remembered the whole experience better, but I only remember what he said to one person because it stood out to me so strongly.

The professor knelt down to wash his feet and began to speak to him.  He told him that he was not going to lead a big church.  He was not going to be a star like some of his classmates were going to be or like those who already were.

But he was going to be effective.  In the small or medium-sized churches he would eventually serve, he would be exactly what they needed. 

God puts each of us in varying positions throughout our lives, and whether we find ourselves to be the big fish or the little fish, we need to find the ways we can be most effective where we are.
The New Testament letters are full of names that are only mentioned once.  Paul found them significant enough for a mention, but we will never read sermons they preached or learn their life stories.  They were simply living their lives being effective.

This all is not to say that you lose effectiveness with a large sphere of influence, but simply that effectiveness doesn’t come only with a large sphere of influence.

And that guy from my class?  I’ve not really heard anything about him since graduation.  And I’m pretty sure that’s just fine. 

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