A Captivated Heart - Jackina Stark (Video)

Once again, I've been listening to sermons while at my day job, and I listened to another one last week that I am excited to share with you.  Jackina Stark was the grammar and composition professor at Ozark Christian College.  Even if you didn't like grammar or writing, her classes were always a lot of fun because of all the stories.  So I hope you'll watch this video to see what she had to say, both the funny and the serious.  If you'd rather just hear audio, you can CLICK HERE and then use your browser's "find" function to find Jackina's message.

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2 Responses to A Captivated Heart - Jackina Stark (Video)

  1. Enjoyed reading. I really the part of forgetting myself and my own agenda- that really opens up the communication lines and makes it possible for me to hear what God wants. If I keep my agenda and wants in front of God it's sort of like selective hearing. I'm not really listening at all.

  2. You're exactly right! It's not really listening if you're only only hearing the answers you're looking for. Thanks for coming by!


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