6 Reasons You Should Be Reading Christian Fiction

I love Christian fiction, and I know a lot of you do as well.  If you've not found your way into this genre yet, here are several reasons why you should, as well as some books you should check out.

"I've heard that many people read to have their ideas reinforced--thus many read Christian fiction (they approve of).  I read for God to show me new things, to consider what has not occurred to me before.  I want to be challenged and find an idea that takes my breath away, whether it's beautiful or horrifying.  And I especially like if the language is superb.  Not verbose or pompous.  Just movingly right.  Ah, the joy of such books.  One of my favorite novels is called Gilead.It' s a great novel, not marked Christian, that points people to God and shows what a real Christian is like.  That is rare."
                 -- Jackina Stark, author of Things Worth Remembering.  Learn more about Jackina
                     at JackinaStark.com

"Not only does Christian fiction provide a good alternative to secular fiction (which usually contains words or scenes I disagree with), but it often goes deeper than just an engaging story.  I find myself thinking about spiritual things at a new, creative level.  When I read The Space Trilogyby C.S. Lewis, I was blown away by the spiritual parallels of his book and our daily lives and battles.  I also immensely enjoy Ted Dekker."                                     -- Danna

"For those who love a good story and love the Lord, Christian fiction engages our imaginations and builds our faith in a way that general market novels seldom do.  When the characters' spiritual struggles reflect our own, we have the opportunity to grow as they do.  Thrilling, really.  Francine Rivers'Mark of the Lionseries is one of my very favorites.  Set in the first century, the stories bring the days of the early church alive, seen through the eyes of characters who were both heroic and flawed.  SO powerful, in fact, I think it's time to read them again!"  
                   --   Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is the Night.
                         Learn more about Liz's novels at http://www.MyScottishHeart.com

"I honestly think it was reading one of Frank Peretti'snovels that made me "really" realize I wanted to write -- or, I really wanted to be a good writer.  My dad was sick and asked me to read to him because he'd been reading the book regularly for a long time.  I was dedicated to reading him two chapters.  I read long beyond that, and then just "borrowed" the book for myself.  This Present Darknessjust blew my mind. . . . I love Frank Peretti because he doesn't leave things "happily ever after because we prayed;" he leaves room for major tragedy and turmoil to still be hinged. hinted at, or barely averted at the end of a work while the hope of the work is still "even though things aren't great, God still is.""  
                  -- Khara House, from Our Lost Jungle.

"Peretti books make me think more about spiritual warfare . . . and also the importance of prayer!  I also loved the Francine Riversseries, Mark of the Lion.  They made me think about my own personal convictions differently.  Would I willingly walk into the arena to face the lions??  Wow!  I also like the The Yada Yada Prayer Group series by Neta Jackson.  They confront my life and attitudes in so many different places and make me look at life's opportunities . . . and prayer . . . and relationships . . . I could go on and on . . . and I did!  Oops!" 
                  -- Debbie

"I'm currently writing Christian fiction, with the first part of my series on authonomy.com.  There are also other Christian fiction books on the website trying to get published.  My favorite Christian fiction would be C.S. Lewis and the Left Behindseries.  I also really like some of the new stuff on authonomy.com, which I hope gets published.  D.S. Hale's Jessup and the Teleporter is really good and at number one right now."  
                  -- Amanda Chwa

This post does include affiliate links as well as links to blogs and other worthy sites.  I do hope that you will take a moment to support Christian fiction.

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Why should Christians read Christian fiction?

What is one of your favorite Christian books and why?

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10 Responses to 6 Reasons You Should Be Reading Christian Fiction

  1. Well done, Kirra! So honored to be included.
    Blessings always,

  2. Unsubscribe...thanks!

  3. I've wanted to read The Space Trilogy ever since high school, but never followed through. I have read some of Lewis' other fine works, though. I've looked at Peretti, but it was a bit too intense and dark for me.

  4. D S Hale's Jessup and the Teleporter was #1 on autonomy last month, so it will be reviewed by Harper Collins. Pray it gets published! It's a great novel that deals with divorce.


  5. When you start The Space Trilogy just keep in mind that it's a bit of a slow start and push through. You won't regret the time you spend reading those books!

  6. You mentioned one of my favorite fiction authors - I love Francine Rivers!

  7. She is great! What is your favorite by her?

  8. Devoured Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series. And Liz Curtis Higgs's Bad Girls of the Bible. But, Liz had me ROTFL with her One Size Fits All video.


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