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Nichole Hall

I am a writer, a wife and a mom. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for the past 12 years and Hashimotos (Thyroid-Auto Immune) for the past 5 years. My life has been one of valleys and mountains, but mostly valleys. The good thing about being in the valley? The soil is rich and with rich soil comes growth.

As a young mom with CFS, I was unable to care for my daughter in the way I felt a mom should. I developed post partum depression of the worst kind. And while I had a husband, friends and a church family who helped take care of my daughter, the depression overtook me. The Lord was with me in my struggle and when I hit rock bottom, He saved me.

Four years later another child came and my physical limitations grew worse. I asked the Lord why He kept giving me children I couldn’t care for. This began a long journey with Him of questions that would go unanswered. The weaker my body became, the colder my heart grew. Eventually, I blamed my children for my ailments (one of Satan’s lies), and I allowed the enemy to turn my heart to stone. Cold, hard, stone.

Then the Lord provided a doctor who could help and I became more diligent in making changes that would bring about a better quality of life. When the Lord led me to a part time job I was sure I couldn’t handle, He also led me to a counselor who was instrumental in melting my cold heart.

As part of the healing process, I began writing stories the Lord put on my heart. It was a way to connect with Him. I’d always journaled, but never felt capable of writing a book. I have since completed a manuscript, outlines for two more and am brainstorming for a fourth story.

As I am now walking more fully in the Light, I have more mountains than valleys, but it is still a struggle. A daily struggle of choosing to be positive, choosing to stay in the Word for strength, and choosing to keep my heart from freezing over once again. And in trying to keep balance and still be the wife, mom and woman God has called me to be, I try my best to glorify Him in my weakness.

To see me at church or at the supermarket you would never know I live with a Chronic Illness. But my sickness is real and my struggles are real and my God is real.  If you find yourself in need of enouragement please stop by my blog at

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  1. A beautiful and encouraging Wednesday Witness testimony, Nichole Hall. Thank you for sharing the story of your physical struggles and ways in which you've overcome them through the power and healing of God.


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