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God is a creative chap with a mischievous grin and a sense of humor.  He sends us things our way, encouraging us to use them to improve our lives.  Sometimes, things don't work out as planned.  In those situations, God is waiting in the wings, like a dependable stagehand backstage during a live show, ready to pull the curtain, change the set, fix your costume, or do whatever is needed to make you look good.
Other times when things don't work out as we hope, there isn't so much a plan B as there is a learning lesson, like the golden nuggets we get from teachers.  When we go through a bad situation in life, we will want to express the normal, human emotions of anger, frustration, disappointment, resentment, to name a few.  That is okay.  After we have emptied our souls of emotion, it is time to learn the lesson that God intends for us.  That's called using faith. 

Faith is soft, yet powerful and all-encompassing.  It is within us all, even in non-Christians, even in non-believers.  However, it is up to us to activate the switch of faith by watering our mustard seed and taking a leap into the unknown, trusting that God's parachute will open for us.

- Amanda Socci

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