My Favorite Links This Week

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The first link I have for you this week is from Bob Russell.  Click here to read Quit Trashing God's Church.  It is really a great look at the current attitude toward the church and reasons why it shouldn't be that way.

The second link is a guest post by Adam McHugh on the blog Internet Monk.  On a Matter of Motivation is about introverts in the church and why introverts and extroverts are viewed in certain ways.  I'm really enjoying familiarizing myself with his work.  Being an introvert myself, it's been nice finding someone who gets it!

Lastly, is actually a series of posts from Reclaimer 105 again.  This series is looking at a video game called Dead Space and looking at it with the perspective of sin, the afterlife and religion in general.  Once again, I'm impressed with the depth of thought that can be found in a video game, if someone only takes the time to look for it.  Click here for part one of the series.

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