Discussion: Demons

Do demons exist?

I recently started reading a book about a particular man's journey in learning about the existence of demons and spiritual warfare.  I was surprised that the man had been the minister of a church that regularly had healings take place and many other miracles, but he solidly did not believe in the real existence of the devil or demons.

I have a hard time with the idea that he could so easily accept the miraculous but be so convinced that Satan was an archaic idea that first century people used to explain their own sin nature.

This makes me wonder:  what are your thoughts about the devil and/or demons?  Do they exist?  If they exist, what role do they play?  Do they directly affect people?  Do they affect Christians too or only non-Christians?  What do they do?  Is there anything we can do against them?

Please comment below and then share this post.  I look foward to hearing your responses.

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