Taking a day off once in a while is important. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

I loved school, and I almost always loved my classes.  But one of my favorite days each year was Skip Day.

Skip Day was always near the end of the school year, when people were getting tired and ready for a break.  Canceling classes for the day often resulted in due dates and tests being pushed to the next class day.  Much rejoicing was heard!

Whether we're in college or out living "real life," it is difficult to take the time to rest and take care of ourselves and our relationships.

I work about forty hours a week at my day job, Monday through Friday, and then 5-10 hours a week at my part time job, usually on the weekends, but sometimes weeknights.

My husband has been working as much as 60 hours per week for the last couple of months, with one or two days off a week, usually in the middle of the week.

A couple weeks ago I realized how little time the two of us had actually spent together the last few months that hasn't been sleeping, so I decided it was time to do something about it.

I took a vacation day at work (thank God for those) and the husband I spent the day together.  We had breakfast together, took the car to get it washed, watched a movie at the theater, and then went to dinner.

Just like Skip Day in college, it was easier to go back to my duties the next day because I had a chance to rest and take care of things that aren't in a book or on a computer.

What kind of things do you do when you take time to rest?

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2 Responses to Taking a day off once in a while is important. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

  1. My husband's work schedule is always changing, so when we get a "day off" at the same time, it's priceless. We used to always go out for breakfast, but have found that we really enjoy staying home and spending time together. Now that the weather is better, our back deck is my favorite spot to relax. Take care Kirra and have a great day!

  2. That sounds like a great spot to relax! We don't have a great outdoor space at home, but sometimes we like to go to to the park and sit by the pond. It's nice. And you're right, most of the time, the best thing is just to stay home and spend time together without a bunch of distractions!


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