Laughter is worthwhile (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter."  Mark Twain

I remember laughing a lot in college.  Looking back there aren't many things I specifically remember laughing about, but one particular moment comes to mind.

Dorm checks were on Thursday evenings.  It was relatively informal.  Every (or almost every) Thursday, an RA would check your room and make sure it was clean.  It didn't have to be spotless, but it had to be tidy enough and clean enough to be safe and healthy.  If it was not, we had to pay a nominal fine and have it up to standards by the next evening.  

My roommate the last semester I lived in the dorms was Susan.  One week, Susan and I thought it would be entertaining to fail our dorm check.  Not simply by failing to clean but by totally trashing the room.

So we did. 

Clothes, books, and other things were strewn from one side of our room to the other.  You couldn't step into the room without stepping on something.  The beds were unmade and messy.  We were not neat freaks by any means, but it was the messiest our room had ever been.

We kept our door closed for the afternoon, so that evening, Faith, one of our RAs, knocked on our door with no idea what to expect.  When the door opened, she didn't even say a word.  She stared in disbelief at the mess our room had become.  Other girls' rooms were something this messy, or nearly this messy, but they were always passable by Thursday night, so seeing such a disaster was a shock.

Obviously, we failed room checks and spent that evening and part of the next afternoon, getting our things back in order, but it was worth it.

What was the funniest thing you did or saw in college?

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4 Responses to Laughter is worthwhile (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

  1. I can't remember my college days...that's pretty funny.

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading this because I believe it is so important to look at things with a bit of humor. Sometimes we take ourselves to seriously.
    Nice job. I visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.


  3. We definitely take ourselves too seriously. Have a great day!


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