Jesus is more important than school. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

For being at a Christian school, it could sometimes be really difficult to live an authentic Christian life.

There were plenty of opportunities to worship.  We had chapel, including a worship time, twice a week, plus church on Sunday mornings.  Many of us were at church on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights as well.  We had worship in small group and at dorm meetings.  On any given night, you could find a group of people in a dorm lobby or porch with guitars and other instruments having a spontaneous worship time.  It was wonderful.

We studied the Bible in church.  We studied the Bible in chapel.  We studied the Bible in class.  We studied the Bible for homework.  We studied the Bible in small group.  We studied the Bible at dorm meetings.  It was wonderful.

But honestly, we were fat.  And when you eat all day every day, it's harder to appreciate a good meal.

I can't go so far to say that that kind of saturation is a bad thing, because it's not, but it is difficult to maintain the balance between intellectual study, cultural practice (because we did have a culture of our own at OCC), and real relationship with Jesus.  He's the reason we were there in the first place, but it was easy to put Him on the back burner.

There were times when I'd realize I'd spent so much time living like a Christian that I had neglected actually being a Christian.  That probably doesn't make sense to you unless you've been there, but if you've been there, please tell me about it.  How did you find yourself in that place?  How did you (hopefully) bring yourself back out of it?

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