Greek is better with biscuits and gravy. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

I took two semesters of Greek at seven a.m.

I don't recommend it.

Greek was fine.  Good,  even.   But at seven a.m.?  Eight would probably have been better.   Seven o'clock could have been rocket science or brain surgery to warm us up. (I'm kidding, but only just.)

One thing that made Greek at seven a little easier was Greek in the cafe.  Kenny Boles, our professor, offered to have class in one of the cafeteria meeting rooms on Fridays.  We negotiated, and he moved Greek in the cafe to Thursdays.   Biscuit and gravy day.  Friday was . . . well, I don't remember what was served on Fridays because it wasn't biscuits and gravy.

Getting out of the classroom and having a yummy breakfast took the pressure off and helped us to relax and learn.

What unusual things did your teachers do to help the class learn?

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9 Responses to Greek is better with biscuits and gravy. (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

  1. Oh Kirra, I wish I had taken Greek! I suspect it's not too late to learn though. I don't know that there were any unusual teaching methods, but my first year at CBC they opted out of 7 am classes. I was thankful for that! Have a great evening!


  2. I am really glad I took it. I don't remember all the details, but it's much easier to make my way through a commentary with what I did retain!

    Going to class at seven was rough, but it was worth being done by lunch time and not having classes on Mondays!

  3. Maybe that was the trade off...choir at 2:00 in the afternoon was always difficult, especially the year I had mono. I was so ready to take a nap by that time! :-)

  4. and I love your new blog look!

  5. Choir was the only class I had after lunch, not including the one or two once weekly night classes I took. I think choir was at 1:00 for us because we had to come straight from lunch. We all smelled like the cafe!

  6. Nothing comes to mind. But I did attend a one off lecture on NT Greek back in the day. I remember asking the lecturer afterwards why he kept studying. (me, the high school dropout) He said that God gave him a brain and he felt he should use it. I have since returned to finish high school as an adult, and am now working on my second post graduate qualification. I reckon God spoke to me that night.

  7. I have tried unsuccessfully to learn three foreign languages and six musical instruments. I have an hearing problem and its one of the few things that I just can't master. What a lovely blog post, nice to follow and connect through a to z

  8. I've studied Spanish (in junior high and high school), Greek, and Hebrew. I enjoyed each one, but I really didn't retain enough to be particularly useful in any of of them. I can memorize vocabulary and conjugations, but when it comes to putting it all together, I'm rotten at it. Not sure why. Which languages did you try?


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