The Past and The Future

Saturday is here again! Saturdays are definitely my favorite day of the week.

I haven't shared in a few weeks, so I just wanted to let you know what I've been up to and what I have planned for the blog in the next few weeks.

My husband finally started his new job at the end of October, and we took a short weekend vacation right before he started the new job.  We had a nice trip and stayed in a cute bed-and-breakfast style house, but we were the only ones in the house while we were staying, so it was almost like just renting a house for the weekend.  I took a few pictures but they turned out blurry, so I'll send you to the website if you want to check it out.  The Vintage Country House is in a little town with not much to do in the immediate area, but San Angelo and Fredericksburg are within driving distance for day trips, which is what we did.  We went to Grape Creek Winery in Fredericksburg and went on the tour.  It was a neat experience, seeing the vineyards and learning how they make wine.

We also tried several of the wines they make and tasted for ourselves how even the kind of barrel they use makes a difference on the taste of the wine.  The experience actually gave me an idea for a blog post that I have yet to write.

Speaking of blog posts, I do have three in the works right now, and I am planning on having the first one ready to go on Monday.  I've been reading through the Old Testament, and I just started 1 Samuel, so one of these will come from the life of Samuel.  The other two were inspired by other blog posts I have read recently.  One little line can spark a lot!

I subscribe to a lot of blogs, and I love to share what I like.  I share on Twitter and on my personal Facebook profile.  I used to regularly share on the blog as well but quit doing that quite a long time ago.  I plan on starting that again next weekend.  If you have a blog that you want me to read and hopefully share, let me know.  It's probably easier to send me a message on my Facebook page than leave a comment.  I don't read spam comments, and comments with links usually get marked as spam.

I'm still helping out with the kids at church on Wednesday nights.  The Wednesday before Halloween, the church did Trunk or Treat, and my job was to manage . . . well, I think it's easier to show you than explain.

I think most of the kids went through this obstacle course at least one time throughout the evening, but one little boy spent his whole evening going through it.  I had a great time, but I was definitely worn out by the time I got home, and I didn't even go through the course!

You might notice a couple changes on the blog, though they are pretty minor.  I changed the sharing buttons and the "You might like" widget that appear at the bottom of posts.  If you've not noticed them before, I hope you'll remember to take advantage of them.  The sharing buttons give you an easy opportunity to share with your friends if you read something you like, and the "You might like" widget gives you an opportunity to discover other posts here on the blog that you may not have read yet.  I like these new widgets better than the ones I have before, and I hope you find them helpful as well.

Have a beautiful weekend, and I'll be back to visit with you again soon.

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