The Little Introvert

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Wednesday night, I went to my first night of helping with the kids event at church.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I hoped to have a good time.  The first little person I met was a tiny girl whose name tag said she was in kindergarten, although when I asked her about it she said she was not.  When she was invited to hula hoop with the other little girls, she turned it down, telling the other leader that she was shy and was just going to stay and watch.  I sat down next to her at the side of the gym and started to ask questions.  The first couple questions gave me short answers, but after that she talked my ear off until it was time to eat.  She told me about her friends, her dog, how much she hates boys even though some of them are nice, and plenty of other things.  We had a nice chat.  

It was interesting to me to see this little girl calling herself shy, when it really didn't seem like she was.  I hope that as she grows, she learns the difference between being shy and being an introvert and realizes that introversion is not a bad thing.

I wouldn't have wanted to go play with that noisy group of girls either.

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