I'm Employed (Again!)

This week has been a really nice one.

I published a blog post on Monday that you should definitely go read if you haven't yet.  Do We Become Angels When We Die? is a pretty controversial topic, so I'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

Sunday night, the husband and I visited with friends, and we grilled out.  The chicken was marinated just right, and it was yummy!

Tuesday night, we met several couples for dinner to celebrate someone's 30th birthday.  The big birthdays should always be a little more special, I think.  We had a nice dinner out.  I had fish, and it was so nice.  Very lemony.  While we were there, my phone rang.  I didn't answer it, but when I saw it was a local number, I listened to the voice mail.  It was the manager at the store I interviewed at.  I went outside and called her back right away.  Without asking for a second interview or even asking any other questions, she immediately offered me a position.  I'm pretty thrilled!  So tomorrow night, after I finish at my day job, I'll go out to the mall and complete all the paperwork. If you're curious about where I'll be working, you can check out the website:  http://www.christopherandbanks.com/.  I'm looking forward to getting started so that I can continue making a difference in our medical bills!

I am going to be publishing another post tomorrow morning.  I hope you enjoy it!

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