Delivered With Love by Sherry Kyle

Delivered With Love by Sherry Kyle is about a young woman named Clare.  She and her sister were raised by her mother in California.  A year after her mother died, Clare followed a clue, a letter left in her mother's glove box.

With the help of strangers, she made her way to the small town of Capitola to see the house the letter was mailed from and hopefully to find out about the man that wrote it.

Once she arrived, with persistence she finally discovered all the secrets that were being kept from her and those around her.  Many of the people she met had pieces of the puzzle, but no one knew the whole story until a letter from her mother unexpectedly made its way to Capitola and into the hands of Clare's father.

This was an interesting story, even if it did get a bit easy to predict at times.  There were definitely some surprises, such as kitchen arrangements between neighbors.

I liked the characters, especially Geraldine, a spunky eighty-something year old woman who was a minor part of Clare's life for a long time but unexpectedly becomes very significant to her.  

The book ended with several questions to give the reader a chance to consider some of the themes presented in the story.

If you're looking for a sweet, easy read you might want to try this one out.

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