L - Living Christmas Tree

One of the coolest things I did in college was participate in the Living Christmas Tree performance put on each year by the choir and drama department.

If you look at the picture above, from the bottom count up six rows, and then go all the way to the right side of the image.  That is where I stood.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a photo from the performance I was in, so that’s not me, but you probably can’t tell the difference anyway.

The Living Christmas Tree always has as great story, traditional and new Christmas music, plenty of jokes, and, of course, the Christmas story.

If you’re ever making plans to be in Joplin, Missouri between Thanksgiving and Christmas, check out the Living Christmas Tree webpage and see about getting tickets.  They go fast, so plan ahead!

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5 Responses to L - Living Christmas Tree

  1. What a great image! And then to here the tree sing? Love that Christmas magic.

    1. It's great. I'm sad I only got to participate one year, but I've seen it several times.

  2. That's very similar to something we have in Muskegon. I wrote a blog post about our Singing Christmas Tree - http://www.jmlalonde.com/what-a-singing-christmas-tree-taught-me-about-leadership

  3. Amazing, Kirra. A local college does something like this here in Jackson (MS)! Belhaven College has their singing Christmas tree outside in "the bowl," and people bring chairs and blankets (and kids, etc.). It's wonderful.

  4. One of the church's in the town we're living in does one as well, but we've never gone to see it. It kind of takes the magic out of "our" Christmas tree. :-D I am surprised, though, to learn just how many places do similar events!


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