It's always nice when you spend time on something and someone recognizes your effort.

That is what the Liebster Blog Award is for, and my fellow blogger, Lynn, at has nominated me for the award.  I am thankful that she has seen fit to honor my blog this way.

The award is one that, when you receive it, you share it with others.

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person that gave you the award in a post on your own site.  
  • Nominate up to five blogs with less than 200 followers.
  • Let the nominees know they've won by leaving a comment on one of their posts.
  • Add the Liebster image so all your readers know that you are generally awesome.

To be clear, there is no committee that gives this award.  It is simply bloggers recognizing each other for the effort and consideration put into their blogs.

And now, to my nominations:

First, I am nominating Lindsey Bell.  She writes consistently about parenting, marriage, friendship, homeschooling and life in general.

Second, I am nominating Annette at In All You Do.  She has been blogging for quite a while, and right now she is about to launch her blog from a new location.  Check it out and help her kick things off with a bang.  She writes about God, family, homeschooling, cooking, organization, and crafts.

Third is Jesse at Be Mary By Hand.  Jesse writes about her family, mission work, and her family's progress getting to their chosen mission field.  She also sells adorable handmade dolls.  They are definitely worth a look.

Last is Reclaimer 105.  This blog writes to reclaim the world of gaming.  Video games from the original Mario Bros. to the recently released Mass Effect 3 are dissected to bring out unexpected spiritual truths.

That's it!  Thank you for taking time to make your blogs worth checking out!  

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One Response to Liebster

  1. Hi Kirra, I like that you nominated folks outside of MNINB - I was going to do the same thing! I'll check these out after I'm finished with that MNINB list... could take me a while. I really do admire everyone's blogs... it's a part of them and what makes them unique.


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